Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Free Spring Cutting Practice

Today, I am so excited to share a very simple printable and work with you. Lately, Mr. Toddler has been so excited about using scissors, which means that I was absolutely obligated to share with you a simple spring themed cutting practice printable! You can download it for free at the end of this post! 

Free Montessori Printables: Spring Cutting Practice by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #toddleractivities, #montessoriactivities, #freeprintables

This printable is actually extra special to me. It's the first printable that I have made - the first work that I have presented to Mr. Toddler since my accident. 

Not only has it been an unbelievable emotional process to be away in rehabilitation while Mr. Toddler remains in the care of other loving family members, getting re-focused on our Montessori style tot activities has been a whole different struggle for me. Our activities were definitely a sort of bonding point for Mr. Toddler and I and he asks for new works every time we call or he comes to visit me.

This particular printable marks the return of me to 'me'. I am feeling more like myself again, which means that I am extremely anxious and excited to get back to thinking up fun and educational works for Mr. Toddler. He's been ready for it, too! 

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this printable as much as I enjoyed putting it together and Mr. Toddler enjoyed working on it! 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Avocado Garlic Tomato Bruschetta Recipe

Today I am very happy to share something very special with you guys! I am honoured to have a guest post written by Love from Munchkin Time! She is sharing a fabulous and healthy recipe for bruschetta today! Be sure to have a look and don't forget to visit her lovely blog!

Love Keil

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Calming chamomile play dough and invitation to explore spring

Here is another post I have been 'hoarding' for a little while. It's still from pre-accident, but as I was going through the photos for this post, I realised that this type of activity that even with my current mobility, Mr. Toddler and I can still enjoy together! So today, you will be bombarded with photographs of a fun, calming, and of course educational invitation to play dough that I set up for Mr. Toddler! 

Calming chamomile play dough recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturetable, #playdoughrecipeCalming chamomile play dough recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturetable, #playdoughrecipe
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